A little over a year a go I met a piece of candy corn. I know that sounds odd, I mean how do you "meet" candy? But it happened. What I thought was an old piece of Halloween candy gone missing ended up being my introduction into a whole world that I never even knew existed. This little fellow's name, (yes he has a name), was Blue. Yes, I thought it was an odd name for him too but he explained that after he fell from a little girl's Halloween candy bag he had landed face up on the edge of a sidewalk. It ended up being the best experience of his life. Well, his life had actually just begun. You see when candy isn't eaten and it has a traumatic event, a change begins to occur. It's during this period that consciousness enters the picture. As my new friend lay on the sidewalk's edge, he stared up at the big blue sky. He thought it must be the most beautiful thing in existence and night after night, day after day he laid there. He began to ponder. Who am I? What am I? What is this black thing crawling across me? Get it off! Gaaah!!!

Anyway, Blue made a few discoveries while laying on that cold cement. Number one, he was confused and had a lot of questions. Number two, his favorite thing was the color of the sky and number three, he hated ants. He also realized that he was quite dirty and no longer the polished trio of white, orange and yellow. But he doesn't seem to mind being a bit stained. He says it gives him character and helps him to stand out from the cloned look of candy corn. I have to agree, he does stand out and nobody wants to eat him. 

Blue introduced me to several of his friends who all had their own harrowing stories to tell. Another candy corn named Fritz told me through bloodshot eyes about his year long ride under the car seat of a very bad driver. It'll take a while for him to get over his ordeal. Poor little guy. Then there was Pepper. She is a delightfully adventurous young peppermint. She did have a rough start when she woke up in a nature park. She found a couple of small leaves stuck to her and there was also someone humming. It took a few seconds but Pepper realized that there was a snail on her head! She tried to get it off but the snail was able to move to the middle of Pepper's back so she couldn't reach it. After a few weeks they came to an agreement, Patty (that's the snail) would keep Pepper clean from debris and Pepper would bring Patty on a big adventure. They bicker but I think they'd actually be lost without one another. Blue took me to meet his mentor, Grandpa Butterscotch. He lives under the couch in my living room! I was quite surprised to learn that he had been there ever since my grandparents first came to visit 10 years ago. Evidently he had fallen out of my grandpa's pocket and the cat batted him around until he landed in a safe, dark area. The couch is now his domain and he mentors any wayward candies that find themselves lost or searching for the meaning of life. He ended up growing a very fine lint beard which gives him a bit of a wizened look, the toothpick cane helps too. Although I think it may be a magical staff. I don't think he's telling me the full story just yet.

So candy and sweets in general must be eaten quickly or eventually you'll find that your house is home to more than just you.

Also, it's not a good idea to eat new candy in front of dirty candy. Just trust me on this.

- Corina St. Martin